Teeth In A Day

“Teeth In A Day” is a revolutionary procedure designed to help patients that are losing or have lost their teeth restore their smile with fixed, non-removable teeth that are mounted on implants.

Traditional approaches to restoring a full arch of teeth usually involved complex bone grafts, multiple surgical procedures, and up to 18 months of treatment. As a result, patients were without teeth or left with ill-fitting temporary dentures for more than a year.

“Teeth In a Day” uses the fewest implants possible (typically 4 or 6), avoids bone graft surgery, and provides high-quality restorative results in the shortest time possible.

Patients will complete an initial consultation and radiographic examination with Dr. Gordon to discuss their specific needs and treatment options.  A CT scan is taken to determine the best locations for implant placement. Lastly, their Restorative Dentist fabricates their new teeth, and they are scheduled for surgical placement of the implants. Patients come to our office on the morning of surgery with unhealthy teeth (or none at all), and leave that afternoon with a beautiful set of fixed, functional teeth.

Once the gums have healed and the implants are fused to the bone, their Restorative Dentist will take new impressions of the mouth and prepare a final, stronger, permanent set of teeth adjusted to a perfect fit. This helps ensure that your new teeth will be beautiful, functional and last for decades.